President’s Message

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Hello everyone:

I had the pleasure of listening to Hank Jackson, CPA, SHRM’s CEO, speak at the SHRM
Leadership Conference last November. He said something that really resonated with me:
“HR is the heart and soul of every organization.”
For me, being the “heart and soul” of an organization means that you directly impact the
culture of the organization. In our profession, every policy, every program and every
decision we make defines whether people like to work at our places of employment.
I think we all consider it a dream job when HR reports directly to the CEO and has a ‘seat
at the table’. But what if this is not the case for you? I’ve had positions in the past where
I felt that I had no autonomy to make the kind of impact that I thought I could make.
Guess what? I was wrong. I may have been limited in certain things that I could do, but
I controlled all of the things that I did do, which did impact the culture.
My all time favorite quote is from Ghandi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.
So for me – if I want to be part of the “heart and soul” of my organization, my actions
better support that. My challenge is to remind myself of this with every decision I make
and every interaction I have with colleagues.
I do believe HR is the heart and soul of every organization. I think that some of us have
been fortunate to work for organizations that believe this too.
Do you believe this? Does your organization believe this? Do the answers to these two
questions differ? I look forward to your thoughts.
Teri Harrell, PHR
RWHRMA President

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