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Hello and welcome to the premier post of the RWHRMA blog.

As we are all aware, Human Resources is increasingly embracing Social Media in the workplace.  The benefits of Social Media are numerous – disseminating vital information to and strengthening the engagement level of current members of an organization, attracting new members to the group, enhancing the value of messaging for all media consumers; the list could go on for pages.

Our blog is designed to keep our members informed of current events, both within our organization and in Human Resources as a whole.  It is a forum for us to share our accomplishments, give our members a place to share their unique perspectives on their areas of expertise, and to keep all of us connected with what is happening from week to week.

Over the next few months, we will have posts from our RWHRMA committees, information from special speakers at our monthly meetings, and open space for postings from our members.  We invite everyone to make suggestions for future posts and encourage you each to volunteer to write a post as well.

This blog belongs to each of us, and with each of our input it will be a fantastic resource for information, insight, and, hopefully, a little humor, too.  Thank you for your support of RWHRMA and we look forward to growing our Social Media presence with you.

RWHRMA Communications Committee

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  1. I look forward to reading great articles by our members!

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